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Confessions of a College Drama Queen...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

5:56PM - Help Fight Cancer!


Two posts in the same day, after a 6 month absence? No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

I wanted to pass along this link to my personal donation page for Relay for Life, which is coming up this Friday March 30, 2006 at the UCF Practice Track. If cancer has touched your life or the live of anyone you know, consider donating to Relay for Life. Your generosity is most appreciated.



1:46PM - Look who's here...

I must say this again, rumors of my demise have been grossly exaggerated. I've just been meh when it comes to LJ. That might change, then again it might not.


I wanted to share the new additions to my Sigma Nu Family (Family 4).

I took on a little brother, Tom, and my first little brother, Brett, took on a little brother, Collier (my grandlittle if you are doing the math).

Anyway, I think its kind of cool that family four's lineage will be traced back to me (since no other founder took on a little before graduation).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Top: Me; Middle Row (L to R): New Little Brother Tom, Little Brother Brett; Bottom Row: Grand Little Collier.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

5:13PM - Because no one posted about this yet...


They changed facebook...the world is going to end

Get over it people, not like the information about you appearing on your friends' home pages wasn't there to begin with. What a surprise, you put it there! Here is to people being more careful about the public information on their facebooks!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

11:07AM - OH YEAH!!!



I actually also got selected to work with the Solid Rocket Boosters but Pad Operations is the one I really wanted. I will mainly be assigned to the access arms that reach out to the Shuttle.

You have no idea how excited I am.

Semi-real world here I come!

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

8:13PM - Interview update

So here is the blow by blow description of the interview process at United Space Alliance (USA) out at Kennedy Space Center.

I got up bright and early and put on a suit. Seeing as the interview was at 10 and I had to badged in and stuff, I left by like 8:20.

I ended up getting to the badging station at like 9:15 or so. Seeing as I'd been there before for class tours, they didn't even have to take my picture. She printed me out a badge only this time it was an unescorted white pass.

She highlighted my route on a map and I noticed the building I was going to was right next to the Vehicle Assembly Building (that big ass structure). As I drove up towards the VAB, it started getting bigger and bigger and bigger. After all, it is the 3rd biggest structure in the world.

So I get there and the first of my interviewers meets me in the lobby.

The first position I interviewed for was ground support systems. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. In fact, everyone I could see was wearing jeans. During the interview they emphasized a lot on Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Pro-Logic Controllers (tiny moving parts). Umm that is not my bag at all but I wouldn't mind getting that job because I'd still be out at the cape.

Then he took me upstairs to meet with the managers of the External Tank and Solid Rocket Boosters engineering teams. Now these guys were definate professionals. Still wearing jeans, but more poised than the previous department. Again it was me and three engineers.

The main guy had a whole lot of questions prepared but first he asked me very open endedly to tell him a little bit about my career. Luckily, I had brought several copies of my resume, which I passed out to each person and kept one for myself to read through. We went basically line by line and I expanded on each entry in my resume.

The External Tank manager took out a schematic of the External Tank (to those non space nerds that would be the ORANGE tank attached to the shuttle) and showed me the inner workings of it. How it mixes liquid hydrogen with liquid oxygen to create a combustion. He explains that he oversees the production of it (flies out to New Orleans to check out the tank before it is barged to Cape Canaveral). He is also in charge of mating the External tank to the Solid Rocket Boosters and the Orbiter while they are "hanging" at the raptors of the Vehicle Assembly Building. I would be getting to know the ET pretty well if I worked in his department. He even said he might take me to New Orleans to see the tank being made. Now THAT's cool!

Then, it was the Manager of the Solid Rocket Booster's turn to give his spiel. He too brought out a schematic of the Solid Rocket Boosters and explained the 10 or so parts that have to be put together to build each of the two rockets. He explained that his department is in charge of putting it together and mating the SRBs to the Orbiter while vertical also. I would love to work with either of these iconic pieces of the space program.

The main manager then ran through his prepared questions which included my strengths, weaknesses, why I would be the best person for the job (I highly emphasized technical writing), my biggest accomplishment, and my biggest failure. The failure one caught me off guard so he let me go back to it at the end.

The ET manager then asked a question which I could not believe:

"How sensitive are you? What I mean is, sometimes our environment is somewhat politically incorrect or someone may come out with an off color joke once in a while. Would this bother you?"

I laughed and said, "of course not."

So then we went back to my biggest failure. I explained how I came in as an Aerospace Engineering major and did not do well in calc 1 and 2. I elaborated on how many times it took me to pass Calc 2 and how I finally passed it w/ a B by taking it at a community college. He commented that it is a great sucess story. He thanked me for coming and told me that I handled my self very professionally.

I then had to drive over to Launch Pad 39A for my next interview. This was the most casual interview, by far. It was with the manager of Pad Operations. He is a 1986 graduate of UCF who started with USA right out of college and worked his way up. He asked me in detail about my experience with Sigma Nu at UCF. He is a Kappa Sigma and was curious about greek life at UCF right now.

He explained some of the duties of his department, "I own the two launch pads, the fueling stations, the fuels, and the firing rooms (mission control). My department is the last to touch Shuttle before it launches. As soon as it is vertical and rolling out of the VAB on the crawler, it belongs to me. We are responsible for rolling it out here safely, loading it on the pad, enclosing it, fueling it. On launch day, all eyes are on me."

He explained that my duties would be split between working with the access arms (the one the astronauts walk to the Shuttle on and the one that holds the External Tank down.), and working with the cryogenic fueling system (fueling the external tank with the aformentioned liquid oxygen and hydrogen).

What is so exciting about this position is that I would be able to see the entire launch processing cycle for 1, possibly 2 shuttles. I would be able to take pictures of the shuttle as it crawls to the pad, pictures WITH it on the pad, AND pictures sitting IN the cabin while in the vertical position (as if I was about to launch). Best of all, I would be able to be in the mission control firing room on launch day, having the closest view of the shuttle launch there is! OMG I am sooo excited about this one.

So, obviously, here is my rank for the jobs, from one I want the most to the one I want the least:

  2. Solid Rocket Booster
  3. External Tank
  4. Ground Support Systems

but as I said, it would be amazing to get ANY of them.

The admin said I should hear something by the end of the week, if not first thing next week.

So, yep, that was my interview experience at United Space Alliance.

*crosses fingers, toes, and eyes* -- hope u do too

Leave me some love.


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

2:34AM - <3 Superman

Wow...I went to see Superman Returns tonight.

The entire theater, it seemed, regressed back to childhood. There was cheering and laughing, and at a certain part in the movie, there was utter SILENCE. Yay for summer blockbusters!

preparing a post that has been long in the making...some of you already know about him, a lot of you don't

Oh Henry!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

12:49PM - The 6 Garcia Boys...and counting

(From Left to Right) Andres Francisco, Juan-Francisco, Omar, Thomas Alejandro, Esteban, and Alex

speaking of Thomas Alejandro, he has his own domain...


so yeah...Ecuador moves on to the second round of the World Cup whoohoo!

Thursday, June 1, 2006


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRU thedruproject

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Sunday, May 28, 2006


I am happy right now...very happy...yet conflicted because I will never take ANYTHING for granted again.

Today I get to go to a wedding for a family friend who I have known since I was 8. He was my two oldest brothers' best friend in high school. They were on the tennis team together. Then they ended up (eventually) at UCF together. Now they are in their early 30s and settling down. I hope in ten years or so I will be attending some of YOUR weddings.

More on the first thought later...all I have to say is WOW...WOW.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

10:34AM - out of curiosity

Anyone know why Cory cory0774 deleted his journal?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Dear internship gods,

Please let something fall in my lap. I have resumes out on Career Builder and Monster, signed up with the coop office at UCF, and have people within companies slipping resumes under people's doors. I feel thoroughly bummy right now. Although a vacation is quite nice, let's get on with it.


The Undersigned

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

3:02AM - bday begins

so tonight I went to Pulse with Rashad. It was like a dream *begin Wizard of Oz moment*

  • points at thedruproject -- YOU WERE THERE (AND BOUGHT ME A SHOT)
  • points at Dru's friend the RA at convocation *looks around* - YOU WERE THERE
  • points at really cute twinky blonde boy named James from Lit class - YOU WERE THERE and I got your number...YESSS! And we are going to get coffee and be pretentious fucks...YESS
  • umm I am running out of people
  • $2 long islands rock
  • $2 long island made of below the shelf premixed "Long Island Iced Tea Mix" are teh suck
  • Fags "ruining" Long islands by making them all types of different flavors is hillarious
  • me knowing HTML and being able to raw code it when I am more than tipsy is just friggin scary

    And so begins a week and 2 days of partying...

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  • Tuesday, May 2, 2006

    5:16PM - And I'm Back...

    Well that was the close of another school year.

    Thursday is my birthday. 7:30 at TGI Fridays @ Waterford this is your invitation. Comment to RSVP.

    I leave for Las Vegas on Saturday. Boy do I need the trip. Although it's not all pleasure (STC Conference somewhere in there) I am still going to party as much as I can. We are staying at the Excalibur.

    Hmm I am worried about summer employment. No one has answered my applications online.

    I have been away from LJ for so long that it's not a habit anymore which sux! So yeah, comment and catch me up with whats been going on with you because I have a ridiculus amount of entries to read and meh.

    Well that is it right now from me. I have the dishwasher running and the laundry. I feel so domestic lol.


    Friday, April 14, 2006

    2:02PM - Pick a picture

    The rumors of my demise have been grossly exaggerated...I've just been busy as hell.

    Ok so here are four pictures that I have to choose from for Sigma Nu's founding father composite. Help me choose!





    I'm personally leaning towards #2 and #4. Let me know what you think.


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    Sunday, March 5, 2006

    3:50PM - Hell week begins...

    DUE: Wednesday 11:55 PM - C-Programming Assignment 6
    DUE: Thursday 1:30 PM - Tech Writing Style Portfolio
    DUE: Wednesday 6:00 PM thru "the end of the week" - Lit of Pop Culture Essay #2
    DUE: Friday 11:55 PM - Senior Design Mid Semester Report

    I have to finish a book for Lit of Pop Culture that is written in the style of Hunter S. Thompson-you dig-so every paragraph has more that 10 meanings.

    I also have to deal with SGA and the FTC Las Vegas conference bill (two meetings)

    Exec on thursday night after the senate meeting.

    Someone kill me now!

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    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    4:06PM - I feel soo...violated

    So I was on DEADAIM this morning in the tech lab. And then I signed off. I guess the program saved my password cause I get this random call from Amanda makemeabeliever while at Subway:

    Amanda: Hey, Alex its Amanda
    Me: Hey whats up
    Amanda: Someone just IMed me from your screename
    Me: *blank stare* giggitty-giggitty---schwaaaaaaa?
    Amanda: Yeah they said you left your screename signed on at UCF.
    Me: Hmm I'll have to kick em off...thanks for lettin me know

    So I finish my meal post haste and head over to the UWC (I am picking up a 3 hr shift tonight for Antony). Here I am, and I signed on to my other screename and talked to him. His name is Gavin and my screename was signed on. Whatever...not only was I on ADMIN...but I signed off the screename. Weird weird stuff here. So then Amanda posted this conversation on her journal. *cue the twilight zone music*

    That's not <i>Cool</i>Collapse )

    So yeah...WTF people piss me off sometimes. Who knows who else he talked to...hope DeadAIM kept the transcripts.

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    Saturday, February 4, 2006

    10:56AM - Cleaning fun!

    So my parents are coming up for the Sigma Nu parents event. So my brother and I spent sometime cleaning this place up, and damn, it looks good. (I even have pics to prove it!)

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    More More More!!!Collapse )

    I hope to get some nice comments! :D


    Thursday, February 2, 2006

    11:42AM - Thanks for the entertainment

    K so I got to the lab today at 9:55 and noticed the doorstopper walked away overnight. Luckily the deaf little old man from the physical plant randomly walked in to *literally* look around the room (checking lights?) and I asked for a new one. He looked excited, and brought one in a half hour later. I think I made his day/gave him a purpose in life.

    So yeah, I didn't check LJ since last Friday and came back to over 100 friends page posts. and I made it through all of them (well skimmed most of the super long ones). Good job guys.

    Last weekend I put 825 miles on the Mazda (!) went to Jax, Miami (to the Royal Rumble and stayed with my friend Todd at UM), monday I stopped by to see JC on my way back up, came home showered and changed, went to the Citrix open house at the tech lab, left early, picked up my brother and went to the TD Waterhouse Centre for a 4.5 hour wrestling show (two shows actually, back to back). An exhausting weekend, but one that I totally needed to get destressed. I took a lot of pics at the wrestling shows...and some videos captured the entrance of the Undertaker which is always classic, as well as the Raw pyro opening.

    I will post pics later.

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    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    10:16PM - WTF?!

    RIP UPN AND THE WB 1995-2006

    So it was announced today that come fall, UPN and WB will merge into one network, bringing together their highest rated shows into a new network called CW...which stands for CBS-Warner or something. This is a sad sad day for television. Less networks is not good for TV. sure, we have cable and satellite, but there are a lot of people who still only watch network tv, because of a combination of not reaching cable lines or no money. I wonder if Friday Night Smackdown! will survive the "merger." I put the quotes around merger because its more of a business agreement err joint venture between rivals (ala Boeing-Lockheed joint venture United Space Alliance).

    The new model will call for 13 hours of TV 6 nights a week (presumably Sun-Friday). This might be overanalyzing but here are a list of both networks' current shows: (comment to say which will make the cut and which will cease to exist):

    The WB

    Monday: 7th Heaven; Related
    Tuesday: Gilmore Girls; Supernatural
    Wednesday: One Tree Hill; Beauty and the Geek 2
    Thursday: Smallville; Beauty and the Geek 2
    Friday: What I like about you; Living With Fran; Reba; Twins
    Sunday: Charmed; Charmed

    Monday: One on One; All of Us; Girlfriends; Half & Half
    Tuesday: Girlfriends; Eve; One on One; All of Us
    Wednesday: Southbeach; Veronica Mars
    Thursday: Everybody Hates Chris; Love, Inc.; Eve; Cuts
    Friday: WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

    Ok so...looking at that, neither network is specially healthy, definately not UPN. 11 seperate shows, 8 of which are half hour comedies, 1 which is 2 hours of wrestling, and finally 2 dramas.

    As far as hour long dramas goes, WB does not lack in that department. 7 seperate 1 hour dramas, 4 half hour comedies and a reality show.

    Lets not forget the FRANCHISE reality shows that NEED TO STAY: America's Next Top Model & High School Reunion.

    OHH and we can't forget Big Man on Campus (I keed I keed!)

    It shall be interesting to see how the new network shapes up. Will some shows be cancelled and new ones created? Doubt it or the new network will fail. A night of comedy might look like this:

    What I like about you
    Everybody Hates Chris

    I would put it on the vaccuum that is Tuesday Nights.

    Thursday vs NBC's supposed return of Must See TV Thursdays I would put Smallville and Gillmore Girls

    Monday Nights I would leave 7th Heaven in the time slot its had for 10 years (Mon 8 PM) and follow it by some other crappy family show.

    One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars could work together, on Wednesdays.

    Friday Nights I would keep smackdown because well why not.

    Sunday I don't know. New Shows anyone?

    This post became longer than expected but oh well. Comment away.


    LMAO YESSS my icon is finally relevant! Haha!

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    Friday, January 20, 2006

    7:15PM - LOOK AT THIS...




    You open the door....


    Image hosting by Photobucket


    It's my current desktop. Whoa!

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